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Regional Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

Chair: Renee Banasky
Vice Chair: Erroll Holt
Trustee: Frank Peczuh

Jason Dunn
Sophia DiCaro
Gwen Callahan
Mark Holyoak
Jeremy Redd

USU Eastern acts under the direction of the Utah State University Board of Trustees, and is also advised by a local Advisory Board. The purpose of the Advisory Board is to assist the Chancellor in fulfilling the mission of Utah State University and USU Eastern.

The purpose of the Advisory Board is described as follows:


Advance the mission of the College by identifying and creating resources.

Represent Community Needs

Provide opportunities

for business, corporations, industry, educational and government entities, and private citizens, leading to the creation of partnerships and collaborations with the College.

Act as a source of community information

gathering for the Chancellor and Cabinet.

Serve as a communication channel

between the College and communities in the region it serves.

Foster a positive and productive relationship

among the Chancellor, the faculty and staff, and the public.

Government Advocacy

In conjunction with Utah State University’s government relations efforts, advocate for the specific program needs of the College with local and state government officials.

Strategic Planning – Program Development

Assist the Chancellor and Cabinet

in exploring and outlining new opportunities for College growth and development.

Alumni Outreach

Under the direction of the Chancellor and in conjunction with the Alumni Association, maintain an active Alumni Chapter to foster and promote alumni activities in the region served by the College.