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Placement Testing

Student course placement for English is evaluated based on ACT scores. Placement for Math is based on ACT or ALEKS scores. See Developmental Education for further information regarding English and Math development options.

More information regarding ACT and ALEKS testing is available at the testing center.

Placement Scores and Course Recommendations


Course ACT Score
Special Assistance
(student should be referred to tutoring)
ENGL 0900
Developmental Language Arts
ENGL 0990
Developmental Composition
ENGL 1010
Introduction to Writing


Course ACT Score Minimum ALEKS Score
MATH 0950
0-10 0
MATH 0995
College Mathematics Preparation
17 14
MATH 1050
College Algebra
23 46
MATH 1060
23 52
MATH 1100
Calculus Techniques
25 61
MATH 1210
Calculus I
27 76
MATH 2010
Algebraic Thinking & Number Sense for Elementary Education School Teachers
25 55
MATH 2020
Euclidean Geometry & Statistics for Elementary Education School Teachers
25 55
STAT 1040
Introduction to Statistics
23 30
STAT 1045
Intro to Statistics with Elements of Algebra
17 14
STAT 2000
Statistical Methods
25 55
STAT 2300
Business Statistics
25 55
USU Eastern requires all students to have a current (within a year) math placement exam or satisfactory grade in the prerequisite course before registering for any math course. "Within a year" means that students have three semesters (including summers) before they will be required to retest. For example, if a student took Math 1010 fall semester of their first year they would have spring, summer and the next fall to take the next math course in their program. If the student did not complete the next math course within that time, they would need to retest before registering.