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Utah Residency Requirements

Utah state residents qualify for lower in-state tuition rates. In order to obtain residency for tuition purposes you must live in Utah for 12 continuous months and apply for residency through Utah State University.

How to apply:

  • Fill out the Online Residency Application
  • Submit required documentation by uploading it to the Online Residency Application. If you do not have the ability to scan documents, please fax them to (435) 797-3708. Hard copies of documentation will not be accepted. Please include your A# on all documentation.
  • Check your residency status online frequently to see if any further documentation is required.
  • If you are receiving federal aid, contact the Financial Aid Office once your application is approved to inform them your residency status has changed.
Online Residency Application

Utah residency requirements and applications are administered through Utah State University. For detailed information including documentation requirements please see:
 USU Tuition Residency Requirements.