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Complete a Certificate of Completion

CertificateA certificate can typically be completed in one year. Certificates can also be earned in conjunction with another degree (such as a associate or bachelor degree) to give the student job skills to be used while attending college. Many certificate programs also provide foundational courses and opportunities into a higher degree level program.

If you are interested in earning a Certificate of Completion in Building Construction complete the following requirements:

General Education Core

Written Communications

Math (choose one)

MATH 1050 College Algebra (QL), 4 cr.
BUSN 1050 Business Mathematics, 3 cr.
STAT 1040 Introduction to Statistics (QL), 3 cr.
STAT 1045 Intro to Statistics w/ Elements of Alg. (QL), 5 cr.
MATH 1020 Trade Mathematics, 3 cr.

Human Relations (choose one)

BUSN 2320 Small Business Management for CTE, 3 cr.
BUSN 2390 Organizational Behavior, 3 cr.
CMST 2110 Interpersonal Communication, 3 cr.
CMST 2120 Group Communication, 3 cr.

Facilities Maintenance Focus

BCCM 2988 Introduction to HVAC, 2 cr.
BCCM 2988 Introduction to Plumbing, 2 cr.
BCCM 2988 Introduction to Electricity, 2 cr.
HETR 1640 Hydraulic Excavator Operation, 2 cr.
BCCM 2125 Basic Cabinet Making and Millwork, 3 cr.

Construction Core

BCCM 1010 Building Code/Safety Framing/Concrete, 1 cr.
BCCM 1150 Basic Print Reading, 2 cr.
BCCM 2010 Framing I, 2 cr.
BCCM 2030 Framing II, 2 cr.
BCCM 2080 Concrete I, 2 cr.
BCCM 2090 Concrete II, 2 cr.
BCCM 2100 Interior I, 2 cr.
BCCM 2110 Interior II, 2 cr.
BCCM 2170 Exterior I, 2 cr.
BCCM 2180 Exterior II, 2 cr.

Electives (choose one)

MASONRY I 2988 Level I, Block, Brick and Stone, Intro, 2 cr.
MASONRY II 2988 Level II, Block, Brick and Stone, Advanced, 2 cr.
MASONRY 2988 Interior Masonry, Tile, Mortar,Stone, 2 cr.
BCCM 2270 Building Codes and Inspections, 2 cr.
BCCM 2240 Construction Estimating, 2 cr.
BCCM 2500 Specialty Construction Lab, 2 cr.
BCCM 2130 Finish Lab, 3 cr.
BCCM 2988 Building Site Layout, 2 cr.

To begin your Certificate program:


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