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An electrician apprentice is someone who works under a licensed electrician in order to learn the trade through first-hand experience. The USU Eastern Electrical Apprentice Program will give the student the skills and experience to become a journeyman electrician.

Become an Journeyman Electrician

Utah State University Eastern’s Electrical Apprenticeship program is designed for students working as apprentice electricians to advance to journeyman electrician.

  • All classroom and lab experience necessary is provided to advance from apprentice to journeyman in four years.

  • All classwork for the program is offered in the evening to allow students to complete their required on-the-job training while also completing the classroom requirements.

  • Students will gain experience in electrical theory, National Electrical Code (NEC), and practical work applications.

  • All class and lab work is supervised by certified master and journeyman electricians.


Electricians are expected to experience faster than average employment growth with a high volume of annual job openings. Business expansion, as opposed to the need for replacements, will provide the majority of job openings in the coming decade. Electricians with the widest variety of skills will have the best job opportunities.