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History majors enrolled at the USU Eastern campus have the advantage of paying a lower tuition for their lower division courses. By completing the general education and pre-major requirements at USU Eastern, history students pay a fraction of the cost for a four-year college degree.

USU Eastern students can earn an Associate Degree focusing on History. In addition, Utah State University offers bachelor degrees in history to students enrolled at any of USU’s campuses, including USU Eastern. History courses are available in face-to-face classroom, online, and IVC broadcast formats. 

The USU Department of History has been recognized by the American Historical Association as one of the 12 outstanding history departments in the United States and Canada, selected for its “brilliant teaching and leadership.” Two of our faculty members have been recognized as Carnegie Professors of the Year. In 2012, the department was awarded the university’s top teaching honor.

The department also participates in interdisciplinary programs including Native American Studies, Religious Studies, American Studies, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and Classics. Students are encouraged to speak with the USU history program coordinator, Dr. Susan Neel, or the undergraduate history advisor, Amanda Adison, about opportunities to participate in these interdisciplinary programs. 

In addition to courses leading to the baccalaureate, the Department of History offers courses that fulfill the general education requirements for breadth humanities (BHU) and American Institutions (BAI).