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Health Benefits

Health Coverage

PEHPHealth coverage for USU Eastern employees is provided by Public Employees Health Plan (PEHP). Employees may choose from Traditional or High Deductible STAR Plans.

To change coverage level go to during open enrollment for instructions about making changes to your medical plan. You can also log into PEHP to review information and documentation specific to your plan. While in PEHP Members you may:

  • Compare costs among medical providers. Estimate out-of-pocket costs based on your specific plan and network.
  • Look up doctors and see quality information. Get costs for services the cost calculator doesn't cover or look up by code.
  • Find the best value for prescription drugs. See coverage and pricing for any covered medicine based on your benefits.
  • Use tools and information to get the best health care value and avoid unnecessary medical bills.

HealthEquity Employees who choose a STAR plan may also participate in the Health Savings Account (HSA) managed by HealthEquity.

Dental Coverage

EMI Health Dental coverage for USU Eastern employees is provided by EMI Health.