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HandArchaeology studies prehistoric people and their cultures.
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DinoPaleontology is concerned with fossil animals and plants.

What's Cookin' At The Prehistoric Museum?

A complete Fremont cooking vessel which was recovered from Nine Mile Canyon in the Spring of 2013 is on display at the museum. Located on public lands managed by the BLM, the pot was first noticed by a field crew of the Colorado Plateau Archaeological Alliance.  Photo

Work is Near Completion on the Stegosaurus

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How To Build A Pithouse In Several Easy? Steps

Pithouses are shallow “pits” or excavations made in the soil and overlain by a roof of wood and earth. They occur in various cultures throughout prehistory. In order to better understand pithouses in the Fremont culture, the Prehistoric Museum is reconstructing one in which to use as a test-bed for various hypotheses and to answer various questions, such as what is the seasonal variability of inside temperature as compared with the outside air temperature. How much heat (in BTUs) is needed in the dead of winter to keep the pithouse in the upper 40s? How important is the placement of the air vent to air circulation? Check out the photos on Flickr

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