New Cliff Dwelling Exhibit Unveiling

New Cliff Dwelling Exhibit Unveiling

Cliff dwelling exhibitThe Prehistoric Museum will unveil its latest and most ambitious exhibit yet featuring the ancient cliff dwellers of Southeastern Utah. The exhibit centers around a full-sized, walk-through cliff dwelling apartment, and highlights some of the artifacts recovered from the Westwater (Five Kiva) Cliff Dwelling near Blanding, Utah. A scale-model diorama of this cliff dwelling shows daily life during the cliff dwelling's heyday in 1245 AD.

Cliff dwelling exhibitThe unveiling is this Saturday, December 2, at 2 PM. "We want to share this new exhibit to the community in time for the Holidays" Museum Director Dr. Kenneth Carpenter said. "We also want the community to see some of the other new exhibits installed this past year, so admission is free this Saturday."

The unveiling will be followed by a public lecture by Dr. Jonathan Till on the excavations and research at the Westwater Cliff Dwelling during the 1970s (seating is limited). Dr. Till is the Curator of Collections at the Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum, and arranged for the loan of the artifacts featured in the new exhibit.

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