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Developmental Education

USU Eastern developmental education offers a variety of developmental English and mathematics courses to serve the needs of student’s at all academic levels. Our goal is to provide students with the preparation necessary to achieve long-term academic goals.

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Students are recommended for these courses based on the results of the ACCUPLACER placement test, ACT score or satisfactory grade in prerequisite class. Please refer to placement testing for specifics.

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Students are encouraged to register for SLSC 1050 - College Success Skills, which is designed to increase the student’s success during the college experience. The course emphasizes test-taking strategies, effective note-taking, campus resources, time management and personal issues necessary to survive college.

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In addition to the instruction provided in the classroom, developmental education faculty meet with the Advising staff to provide an academic experience focused on student success and achievement. Students are encouraged to attend Student Success Workshops given throughout the semester.

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Tutoring Services are available for students enrolled in developmental education courses. Online Etutoring is also available.

Developmental Courses to Choose From

ENGL 0900 - Developmental Language Arts
Intensive practice in reading, writing, grammar and analytic skills for composition courses.

ENGL 0990 - Developmental Composition
Emphasizes basic composition skills: generating ideas, developing unified, coherent paragraphs, writing and revising short essays, and editing for clarity and grammatical correctness. Includes reading and analysis of short essays. Instructors use a variety of instructional methods including group work, lecture, and tests. Students demonstrate their competence primarily by writing and revising short papers.

MATH 0950 - Pre-Algebra
Developmental course in arithmetic. Calculations involving whole numbers, decimals, fractions, proportions, ratios, percents and exponents; order of operations; elementary statistics; English and metric measurement systems and conversions; perimeter, area and volumes of geometric figures; and an introduction to the basic concepts of algebra. MATH 0950 is a remedial class not carrying USU or transfer credit.

MATH 0990 - Beginning Algebra
A first course in algebra. Real numbers; algebraic expressions; graphing and solving equations and inequalities; operations on polynomials; factoring polynomials; rational expressions and equations; and systems of equations. Remedial class not carrying USU or transfer credit.

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