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Business Services

The Business Services Office provides financial support to all of the departments of the college as well as to the auxiliary and service enterprises. Business Services also maintains and manages the college's inventory of buildings and equipment; prepares the college's annual financial report; manages external audits of the college's financial records; prepares external reports to comply with governmental and national statistical reporting requirements; and prepares internal reports to provide meaningful information to administration, faculty, staff and students.

Donna Blake

Chief Finance Officer
(435) 678-8145 

Vern Bales

Business Manager, College Accountant, Finance Reports
(435) 613-5287 

LaPriel Begay

Blanding Cashier
(435) 678-8113 

Janeal Dugmore

Business Assistant, Grants, Journal Entries
(435) 613-5315 

Pam Hosler

Blanding Financial Aid
(435) 678-8159 

Debbie Jim

Business Assistant, P-Cards, ePAFs, Transactions
(435) 613-5604 

Cheryl Johnson

Price Cashier
(435) 613-5444 


Business Assistant, Student Accounts Receivable, College Accounting
(435) 678-8112

Jolene McKinnon

Price Business Assistant, Student Accounts Receivable, Collections, Travel
(435) 613-5321 
TouchNet Payment System
Travel and Expense

Jessica Rouche

Blanding Business Assistant, Travel, P-Cards, Scholarships
(435) 678-8100 

Lisa Sherman

Business Manager, Travel, P-Cards, Payroll Liaison, Banner Training
(435) 613-5373 
Travel and Expense

Robyn Sheriff

Purchasing, Motor Pool
(435) 613-5233 
Vehicle Request Form

Juanita McEvoy

Business Intelligence, Risk Management
(435) 613-5282 
Risk Management Information

Austin Preston

Post Office
(435) 613-5475  

For more information regarding USU Eastern Business Services contact:
Eric Mantz | Associate Vice Chancellor, Price Campus Business Services |  | (435) 613-5649