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Here are some tips to help make your residence life experience the best!

Get Involved

Students who are involved in college activities tend to be more well-rounded and display a higher level of satisfaction with the college experience. So, how can you get involved?

Get to Know your Neighbors

Always having friends around to hang out with, late night discussions and rolling out of bed to get to class in the morning are just a few of the benefits in living on campus. Don't be shy and be sure to introduce yourself to not only those living in your apartment, but everyone in your building! Friendships not only help you to get through a rough spot, but also will help you to perform better academically.

Participate in Residence Life Activities

On-campus housing not only provides a safe, clean and comfortable living space, but also provides opportunities for residents to gain friends and experience college life. Residents enjoy a rich residence life experience where they are part of a community that strives to bring residents together through service, leadership, education, and fun.

Participate in Service Activities

The SUN (Serving Utah Network) Center seeks to unite our college and service communities together in productive, volunteer activities that inspire meaningful service, promote a positive image, and develop life-long, responsibly engaged citizens. Serving others benefits the one providing the service just as much as the one receiving it. Service helps to relieve stress, build friendships and find a balance in a hectic schedule. Opportunities to earn college credit for participating in service activities are available.

Become a Leader

USU Eastern provides many opportunities for you to develop your leadership skills. Try your hand at student government, help bring students to USU Eastern or lead a service project.

Participate in Campus Activities

Student Life at USU Eastern is always happening. EUSA and Residence Hall activities are always happening that you can be a part of. From activities that glow in the dark, to ones that will get you wet; from athletic competitions to monthly dances; from swimming to outdoor activities; there is something for everyone. Also be sure to check out and get involved with the many campus clubs, maybe even start your own.

Enjoy the Arts

USU Eastern provides a rich environment of cultural experiences. Be sure to take in a play performed by the Theatre Department, view works of art at Gallery East, listen to the sound of the Music Department, or explore our past at the Prehistoric Museum.


Tips for Living Away From Home

Your first time living away from home may be new and exciting, but also a little daunting. Here are some tips to help you cope.

Be proactive about making friends.
Find out what you have in common. Check social media pages so there will be some familiar faces on campus.

Bring home with you.
Pack something that reminds you of home.

Keep busy.
Don't skip orientation week. Take advantage of events and campus activities.

Do what you love.
Consider joining (or starting?) a club to share your interests with other students.

Stay connected to home.
But not too connected. Sometimes hearing a familiar voice will provide comfort, however don't miss opportunities to connect with new friends.

Resist the Urge to Go Home.
Especially during the first month. It is easier to adjust, make friends, settle in, explore the area, etc. if you are not away from campus every weekend.

Be open to learning.
Ask new friends and roommates for help. Sharing new responsibilities and experiences with your new acquaintances can help create a bond.

Know you're not alone.
You are not the only new person at college. Keep in mind that at times most people have feelings of homesickness, doubt or fear.

Don't let stuff build up.
If you are having trouble coping, talk to someone.

Try to avoid putting off cleaning.
It's better to just get it over with.

Keep money in mind.
Try keeping yourself out of debt. Debt only increases your stress.

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Campus Services

At USU Eastern we try provide services to help you be successful and make you feel more at home. See the following list for services available to students.

Rules, Guidelines, and Agreements

See the following items to review rules, guidelines and agreements for Residence Life.

Housing Check-Out Procedures

When it comes to to move out of on-campus housing please use the following instructions.

  1. Contact your RA 24-hours in advance
  2. Clean your living unit
  3. Sign your check out form
  4. Turn in your key

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