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Resident Assistants

Meet your 2017-2018 Resident Assistants

Aaron Jones RAs

Aaron Jones Hall 

Allison Preston - Hall Director
Rachel Neff - First Floor
Christian Heugly - Second Floor
Ellie Putnam - Second Floor Alternate
Brooke Anderson - Third Floor

Tucker RAs

Tucker Hall 

Jeff Spears - Hall Director/Second Floor
Kaina Elias - First Floor
Danielle Meinberg - Third Floor

Burtenshaw RAs

Burtenshaw Hall 

Emily Bradley - Hall Director
Kevin Van Der Spek - First Floor
Camille Gleason - Second Floor

Sessions RAs

Sessions Hall 

Emily Bradley - Hall Director
Karbala Gueye - First Floor
Renato Magalhaes - Second Floor

2017-2018 RAsResident Assistants (RAs) are students who serve as role models, peer advisors, resources, and friends to students. As student staff members, RAs play a unique role in guiding, encouraging, directing, and helping other students made a smooth transition from high school to college. Change is often difficult; especially when it comes to moving away from a familiar place such as home. Becoming homesick, not adjusting to living with a roommate, and complications with the transition may arise. Every student who lives on campus has an RA who lives nearby and RAs are on-call when the offices are closed.

2017-2018 Hall DirectorsEach residential hall also has a full-time Hall Director (HD) who lives on campus in the residence halls. Their responsibilities include knowing each resident; serving as a resource; familiarizing students with and enforcing university policies and regulations; mediating conflicts between residents; helping residents maintain an environment conducive to learning; and as appropriate, assisting residents to improve student techniques and personal problem-solving skills.

Contact an RA: (435) 650-8887

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