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SOAR - Student Orientation and Registration

Welcome to USU Eastern!

You've got some preparing to do. We are here to help you through all of it. From advising and registration, to helpful tips from current students, we've got you covered through SOAR, our required new student orientation program. Before you know it, you'll be painting Gibby and professing your love of Aggie Ice Cream. For now, take your first step by signing up for SOAR.

The eagle is an awe-inspiring sight for people lucky enough to watch one soar. Let USU Eastern help you spread your wings and SOAR.

Timeline for Signing-Up for SOAR (Students attending Fall 2016)

  • Ongoing (ASAP): Complete your FAFSA and start signing up for on-campus housing. Spots fill up quickly, so it would be in your best interest to start looking at housing options and apply if you'd like.

  • Starting April 4: Sign up for a summer session of the mandatory SOAR (Student Orientation and Registration) program. When registering you will pay your $40 tuition deposit to confirm your enrollment (refundable prior to Aug. 1). You will then also submit a first semester class request to get you in classes related to your major and academic background (you can change these at SOAR).
  • August 1: make sure you have signed up for SOAR.

  • June, July, & August: Complete SOAR, meet with your academic advisor, finish up your schedule, and get all information you need to prepare for the fall.

  • August 17: Pay your tuition and fees by 5:00 pm (or postmark them by August 10).

  • August 23-25: Move into your on-campus housing.

  • August 26-27: Attend Welcome Weekend. This is a one-credit class all new students attend. It's informative and a lot of fun. You will meet fellow students, be introduced to your faculty mentor, eat some great food, and learn how to expertly start your college career.

  • August 29: Begin classes as part of the USU Eastern family and keep in touch with your peer mentor!