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Testing Center Policies

Audio/video surveillance device in use at all times.

Tests are given on an appointment basis except for classroom tests.

All persons taking tests must bring a valid picture ID.

All cell phones and electronics must be powered off and left outside the testing room along with other belongings. The Testing Center is not responsible for personal belongings that are lost, damaged, and/or stolen.

Hats and beanies will be inspected prior to entering the testing area.

No food or gum will be allowed inside the testing area.

The testing proctor will assign a seat and review the professor’s instructions, exam details and/or restrictions prior to beginning the exam.  Only items designated by the instructor will be permitted in the room (pencils, calculator, etc.).

Exams must be completed in one sitting unless the instructor states otherwise. If tester needs to use the restroom, they must first inform the proctor. All belongings must be left at the testing center while they are gone.

We reserve the right to investigate any suspicious behavior. Your test may be stopped and behavior reported to the instructor for whom the exam is being proctored.

All testing materials, scratch paper, etc. must be turned in to the Testing Center when the exam is completed.

All testing stops at close of business.

All fees must be paid prior to the test date. Proof of payment should be presented at time of test.

The Testing Center can also proctor exams for other colleges or universities. A fee of $10.00 is charged for this service.

To schedule an appointment:

Call (435) 613-5325