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Language Credits for Spanish, German, French and Russian (S-CAPE)

The S-CAPE (Computer Adaptive Placement Exams) are designed to measure your current skill level and place you in the correct course according to your skills.

  • Cost: $25.00 - Call Darla Moore at (435) 797-1209 to pay
  • Testing:  30 minute to 1 hour on-line test.

    Contact Darla Moore at or (435) 797-1209 and the USU Eastern Testing Center at (435) 613-5325 for an appointment.

    When test is completed, students receive placement in a class according to your test score. The student has the option to buy the classes below their placement level from the test. Maximum number of credits they can buy is 16 credits or four 4-credit classes at $75 per class or a possible maximum cost of $300. Credits are Pass/Fail, they don’t come with a grade. You must be a fully registered student to buy the credits. These credits are good to buy until graduation or transfer.

    Spanish, French, German, and Russian exams can be taken at USU Eastern Price campus. Chinese, Japanese and Arabic tests are given at USU Logan campus. Please contact Darla Moore.

  • General Information:
    • You must have a USU A# to take the test.
    • You must be a fully registered student to buy credits.
    • If you transfer from USU you can not come back and buy the credits because you are not fully registered. You would need to register for a class, pay for it, then you could buy the credits.
    • Fully registered means you need to be registered for at least on USU class (doesn't have to be a language class) and attending a class. This class needs to be paid for, then call Darla Moore at (435) 797-1209 to purchase the credits.
    • Students may take the exam up to three times, but must pay $25 for each test.