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Before You Register

Get ready

Visit the USU Identity web site to manage your password and security phrases if needed. All new students will need to create a password and set security phrases.

Advisors are available to help form learning goals, plan courses, check for course prerequisites, and provide academic guidance. Be sure to take advantage of this important resource.

See course schedules and review your area of study to decide on needed courses.

It is important that your student information in Banner is up-to-date. The Personal Information tab in Banner tracks your contact information such as permanent and current mailing addresses, phone numbers and preferred email address. Be sure to login and make any necessary corrections.

A hold may be placed on your student account that prevents registration. Any holds you may have will be listed on your student record in Banner under the Student tab. Many holds are placed due to financial non-payment. See Student Payment Information for information regarding payment.

Some courses, such as math and English, require Placement Testing prior to registration. You may also need to complete any testing in order to receive Credit by Examination.


Register for Classes

Grab some classes

Be sure to view registration dates and deadlines. Your earliest available registration dates are based on the current number of credits you have completed. You will also want to be aware of dates regarding late registration, adding and dropping classes, or withdrawals.

See what courses are offered on USU Eastern Campuses. You can either search for courses using Banner or view the printable course schedules for each campus.

You may view your registration status, build course plans, browse courses and register online using Banner. 

You may get personal assistance with registration by visiting your Registration Office.

Price Campus
One Stop Student Services
Jennifer Leavitt Student Center (JLSC) 2nd floor

Blanding Campus
Health, Science, Library Building (HSL)


After you Register

Tie up any loose ends

Students who have not paid applicable tuition and fees may be subject to being purged from their courses. 

If you are new student you will need to get your Student ID Card. Your ID Card is your official passport on campus while at USU Eastern. It is used to get into athletic events, campus recreation facilities, theatrical performances, computer labs, and other student activities. The card also acts as your library card, meal plan card, health center card, copy card, and a campus account card.

Be prepared to have your picture taken and visit the appropriate campus location to pick up your card.

Price Campus
Library & Learning Commons Room 115 | Hours: 8am - 4pm, Monday - Friday

Blanding Campus

You may change your schedule by adding or dropping classes. This may be done online in Banner or by visiting your campus Registration Office.


Helpful Information

Search for Classes

Register for Classes

Prepare for Registration and Create a Registration Plan

Courses that are offered by USU Eastern (Price or Blanding) follow the USU Eastern Tuition schedule.

Courses that are offered by Utah State University Regional Campuses follow the USU Regional Campus schedule.

See the Tuition Schedule for details.

Contact Information

Price Campus
One Stop Student Services
(435) 613-5152

Blanding Campus
HSL Building
(435) 678-8100