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If it becomes necessary for a student to leave school there are some steps that should be followed.

What if I need to leave for period of time, but plan to return?

If you are leaving for a period of time due to a humanitarian or religious mission, medical problems, financial and employment related issues, military service, or family responsibilities you may apply for a Deferment (or leave of absence). See the Leave of Absence - Deferment page for more information.

What if I need to withdraw completely from the college?

If you must withdraw completely from the college please review the information below.

What if I will not be coming to school or I am leaving school before the end of the semester? What do I do?

  • If a student is not going to attend classes at USU Eastern, but has already registered for classes, he or she should submit a Complete Withdraw form. This also applies to students who choose to or need to leave college after the semester has started. This will remove a student from all of their registered courses, preventing a student from getting failing grades for that semester.

How do I submit a Complete Withdraw?

  • It is preferred that students submit a Complete Withdraw in person for purposes of identification. This is done in the Retention Office, JLSC Room 225.
  • For more information contact Shanny Wilson, Director of Retention,, (435) 613-5623.

When can I submit a Complete Withdraw?

  • A Complete Withdraw can be performed at any time after registration up to the 15th week of the semester. (Prorated for summer sessions).
  • A Complete Withdraw before the start of the semester or during the first three weeks will remove the student from all of their classes, and will not show the registered coursework on the student’s transcript.
  • A Complete Withdraw after the third week will remove a student from all of their classes and show a grade of “W” for all registered coursework, which will not affect the student’s GPA.

How will a Complete Withdraw affect my college finances?

  • A refund of tuition, student fees and residential life costs (housing, dinning, etc.) will only be available to students who initiate a Complete Withdraw before or during the first three weeks of class, corresponding with the institutional refund policy. Students who initiate a Complete Withdraw after the third week (after the refund policy deadline) will not be eligible for a refund of services and will be held accountable for the remaining balance on their account.
  • Students receiving Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA such as: Pell Grand, Stafford Loans, etc.) who submit a Complete Withdraw form, will need to fill out and submit an Attendance Verification form and submit it within three weeks of the Complete Withdraw.
  • Students need to be aware that an excessive amount of “W” grades can impact their future financial aid and may cause them to go on appeal. Students on scholarship should also check with the scholarship office to find out how a Complete Withdraw will affect their scholarship in future semesters.
  • For more information contact Tammie Pantelakis, Financial Aid Counselor,, (435) 613-5322.

Will submitting a Compete Withdraw mean I cannot live on campus?

  • Students living on campus should be aware that submitting a Complete Withdraw will make them ineligible to continue living on campus for the given semester. Students are required to be registered in 6 credits in order to live on campus. Students may return in future semesters in which they are registered for the minimum credits hours. Students will be required to follow proper housing check-out procedure. Failure to follow proper procedure may result in financial penalties.
  • For more information contact Jeff Spears, Director of Residence Life,, (435) 613-5448.