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Other Scholarship Opportunities

These scholarships are listed for information purposes only. We maintain this list as a courtesy. These scholarships are not offered by nor endorsed by USU or USU Eastern If you experience a problem or issue with any of these websites, please advise us and we'll remove it from our list.

Be an internet skeptic! 
Never pay to apply for a scholarship. Never give your social security number or other private information that could jeopardize your security.

If your organization would like your scholarship included in this list please complete and submit the online form below.

Scholarship Posting Request

* Scholarship opportunities sent by email to USU Eastern personnel will not be posted. Scholarships are posted at the discretion of USU Eastern.

Scholarship Name Application Type For Amount Deadline(s)
3dize Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
5 Product Reviews essay students interested in business $2000 12/31/18
5 Star Repair Services Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
Active Transportation Scholarship video   $1000 06/01/19
The Advocates Scholarship essay   $1000 12/10/18
Alex Hernandez Law Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
Allmand Law Scholarship essay or video student interested in law $1000 08/15/19
America's Rehab Campuses Humanitarian Scholarship essay students in any field of Health studies $1500 11/30/18
American Indian College Fund application       students registered as an enrolled member of a federal or state recognized tribe various various deadlines
Axon Optics Migraine Story Scholarship essay, video   $1000 11/30/18
BabyGearsHub Content Marketing Scholarship essay   $500 12/20/18
Beauty Junkees Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
Benson Law Firm Scholarship essay or video students interested in law $1000 08/15/19
The Best Colleges - College Affordability for Minority Students various minority students - various opportunities various  various
The Best EDC Knife Scholarship essay   $1000 12/15/18
Bestpicko Health & Productivity Scholarship essay students interested in health and productivity related topics $500 12/31/18
Big3Media Scholarship essay business, marketing or general program students $500 12/31/18
BlackFridayDealsCage Web Hosting Scholarship blog, content marketing, review   $1000 12/25/18
Bloggingthing Online Marketing Scholarship essay students with a passion for online marketing $1000 12/15/18
Brylak Law Safety Scholarship video or essay students interested in law $1000 08/15/19 Graduate Scholarship essay enrolled in a graduate program in the U.S. $1000 12/31/18
Candere Scholarship blog   $350 12/30/18
Capital Finance Scholarship essay   $1500 02/15/19
Chairish "Design Your Future" Scholarship application / essay open to students from all underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds $2500 01/01/19
Dana Point Rehab Campus Humanitarian Scholarship essay students pursuing a major in any health related field or humanitarian studies $1500 11/30/18
Decaso Future Quest Scholarship essay / application   $2500 01/01/19
Detox of South Florida Scholarship essay   $1500 12/15/18
DevTeam.Space STEM Scholarships essay   $1000 03/01/19
Diceus Computer Science Scholarship essay   $1000 12/18/18
Dream Go Scholarship apply by email   $1000 03/31/19
Easy Street SEO essay   $500 12/31/18
Elite Entrepreneurs Scholarship essay or video students interested in business $1000 08/15/19
Epiphan Video Scholarship essay   $500 07/15/19
Espresso Gurus - Coffee Industry Scholarship Program essay students interested in business and science $3000 12/01/18
Evokefinance Scholarship essay entrepreneurship $1200 02/28/19
Fielding Law Group Scholarship essay or video students interested in law $1000 08/15/19
FitSewing Scholarship essay   $1500 05/15/19
Future Horizons essay or video applicant must have personal experience with addiction $2000 12/31/18
Gaming Industry Scholarship essay applicant must demonstrate passion for video games and the industry $1000 12/15/18
Great Engineering Scholarship essay   $700 05/31/19
Kepler Academy Scholarships essay   $500 05/31/19
KnowAllThe Scholarship essay   $1000 03/15/19
The Kristina Flores Overcoming All Odds Scholarship essay or video student who have overcome significant obstacles to complete/continue school $1000 04/01/19
The Leesa Social Impact Scholarship video student who demonstrates a commitment to social action $10,000 12/31/18
Lozano Law Scholarship essay or video student interested in law $1000 08/01/19
Maeband Scholarship essay or video mothers or mothers-to-be $500 12/05/18
Manning & Zimmerman Distracted Driving Scholarship essay or video students interested in law $1000 05/01/19
Marrakesh Desert Tours Scholarship essay students interested in travel $1000 12/31/18
National Debt Relief Scholarship video / essay student pursuing or intending to pursue a bachelor's degree in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) $1000 12/23/18
NEST Adventure Scholarship essay   $1000 12/25/18
New E-commerce Scholarship essay   $1500 02/28/19
Newton Baby Scholarship short essay nursing or health and wellness students $1000 12/14/18
Productive Or Not Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
ProWeb365 Scholarship Award essay   $1000 12/28/18
Rainydayfitness Scholarship essay drug addiction rehabilitation $1500 03/01/19
The Reeves Law Group Scholarship essay   $3000 12/15/18
Remote DBA "Experts to Students" Scholarship essay   $1000 12/01/18
Restaurant Accounting Services Scholarship essay   $1000 05/31/10
Russell & Lazarus Safety Scholarship essay or video students interested in law $1000 08/15/19
Senvie Skin Care Scholarship essay   $500 06/01/9
SEO Expert Scholarship essay students pursuing education in computer science $750 12/15/18
Shelikestocook Annual Scholarship essay students interested in online marketing $1000 12/20/18
SimOnlyDiscount essay   $2000 12/14/18
Smith Publicity Book Marketing Scholarship essay   $1000 12/10/18
Solano Law Firm Scholarship essay or video student interested in law or criminal justice $1000 08/01/19
Soldering Expert Annual Scholarship Program essay   $1000 12/31/18

Sowdowsky Law Firm Scholarship

essay or video students interested in law, business, or economics $1000 08/15/19

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Society Scholarship

essay   $500 12/01/18

Stardust Scholarship

essay   $500 12/31/18

StartBBQ Scholarship

essay   $1500 01/15/19

Statos Jet Charters Scholarship

essay   $2000 05/31/19

Students Affected by Cancer Scholarship

essay students diagnosed with any type of cancer or who has a loved one who has $1000 05/31/19

TeaBloom Scholarship

essay   $1000 12/07/18

Technology Evaluation Centers Scholarship

essay   $500 05/31/19

Total Care Restoration Scholarship

essay   $1000 09/01/19

Tropical Andamans Travel Scholarship

essay students who are passionate about travel $1000 12/15/18
Truck Accident Injury Scholarship essay   $500 06/01/19
Unique Vanities Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
Uptheproduction Scholarship essay   $1000 03/01/19
USA Scholarships - College Sports Scholarships various for students pursuing an education or career in sports (various scholarship opportunities) various various
Vegas Tickets Scholarship essay   $500 05/31/19
WAY Student Scholarship essay   $3000 12/31/18
Your Marketing People Scholarship essay   $1000 01/30/19