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Services and Accommodations

Services Provided to Qualified Students

Equipment Loan

Tape Recorder, handheld magnifiers, speller, calculator.  Sorry, wheelchairs and crutches are not available. 

Architectural Access

The AAC will assist students in arranging access by providing writing desks, chairs, or work with USU Eastern facilities to remove barriers.


American Sign Language.

Alternative Text

Texts and other materials can be made available in digital format, recordings or large print. 

Note Takers

Note taker's in the class provide notes for eligible students.  Notes are sent to the student by email or students may pick them up from the AAC.  

Examination Accommodations

Extended time, readers, scribes, and distraction minimized testing environment.  

Other Accommodations

The AAC at USU Eastern is committed to provided reasonable accommodations.  Please contact our office if you require an accommodation that is not listed above.

Graduation Accommodations

Please submit this form if you need accommodation for graduation. You will then be contacted by a member of the AAC staff.

Apply for Graduation Accommodations


Services NOT Provided

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is not considered an accommodation under ADA and the AAC does not have a tutoring program specifically for students with disabilities. However, Tutoring for Math, English/Writing, Accounting, and Computers are available to all USU Eastern students during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

Personal Aides and Services

The AAC does not provide attendants, transportation assistance, or services of a personal nature. Such services are not considered to be educational accommodations under ADA.

Students need to make personal arrangements or seek assistance from community resources for such services.

Diagnostic Evaluations

College policy will not allow the AAC to pay for diagnostic evaluations, which support a student’s claim for accommodations, nor does the college have professionals on staff that can provide such documentation.

It is the student’s responsibility to provide any requested documentation to the AAC prior to receiving any services.

Financial Assistance

The AAC does not provide financial assistance to students. Students can seek financial assistance through the USU Eastern Financial Aid Office.

Parent Information

An Open Letter to Parents:

There are some things you should be aware of now that your son or daughter is attending college.

Students applying for services through the AAC at USU Eastern will need to attend a AAC orientation to learn about the accommodations that we provide. The AAC Advisor will conduct the orientation meeting. Once this meeting has taken place, your student simply needs to provide a copy of their schedule. You are welcome to attend these meetings if your son or daughter requests you accompany them. It is important, however, that the AAC Advisor and the student develop a good working relationship, so we encourage you to let them go on their own.

Legally speaking, now that your student is attending college, there are laws (FERPA, GRAMA, and ADA) that prevent any USU Eastern staff or faculty member from speaking to you about them, their grades, or their student record unless we have written permission from your student. These laws are designed to protect the student’s privacy, not to make things difficult for parents.

In the event that you feel your son or daughter is not receiving the needed services or accommodations, your best recourse is to help them advocate for themselves. If this is not possible, you can speak with either your student’s advisor or the Director of the AAC. Please refrain from calling faculty members as they are legally prevented from communicating with you directly. Our goal at the Academic Access Center is to help your college student achieve their academic goals. We understand, that as parents you may be used to intervening on his or her behalf. However, you can better serve your son or daughter by working with their Advisor and the AAC to resolve any problems.

The Staff of the Academic Access Center