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Student Life Clubs & Activities

USU Eastern Student Life Activities & Clubs are run by students who assist with major events and programming with the purpose of engaging students via activities.

Activities are regularly held on campus allowing students to socialize and make friends. Students may also join (or even start) a club where they may meet with those who share their interests. For those who are athletically inclined intramural sports are available.


Clubs on campus range from recreational to religious to multicultural clubs.

If you don't find a club that interests you, or if you have an idea for an additional club, it is easy to start a new one. Now is a great time to start, or continue a legacy that will carry on through the future of USU Eastern.

Through clubs, new activities and experiences open up to all students on and off-campus, helping us create a campus atmosphere where students feel connected and involved.

President: Chloe Wilson 

Advisor: Henning Olsen 

USUE's Business club, also knows as Professional Business Leaders (PBL), hosts monthly activities and get-togethers for those interested in entrepreneurship, marketing, design,management, and other aspects of business. Students can join by texting @usuep to 81010.

President: Tomi Lasley 

Advisor: Gypsie Everett 

Club looking to help students to become empowered in the reproductive health choices and local government.

President: Keely Earl

Advisor: Heath Earl

The USU Eastern Psychology Club is a student organization geared to help students at USU Eastern explore, understand, and experience the field of psychology. Club member participation will include social and intellectual development through academic, service, and social engagement. Anyone interested in psychology is encouraged to join.

President: Joset Wells

Advisor: Shelley Heath 

Intervarsity is a Christian club that is at USUE to establish and advance colleges and universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follow Jesus as Savior and Lord.


President: Hayden Buss

Advisor: Brent Innes

Elmo is geared towards uniting the theater students and like minded individuals through arts and entertainment.

President: Claresa Porter

Advisor: Sebrina Cropper

The Math Busters are here to provide extra-curricular activities where students can explore math outside of the classroom.

President: Tomi Lasley, 

Advisor: Jan Thornton,  

A club for social work majors or individuals who are interested in social work. We volunteer and help members with study help and advice within the major.

President: Laura Eisert,

Advisor: Jennifer Trushcka, 

The club is designed to provide a safe space for people of all sexual orientations and genders, and to provide information and education to those who seek it. We meet every Thursday for an activity and to bond as a group. Join by texting 81010 with the message @saga1718.

President: Riley Evens

Advisor: Terry Johnson

LDSSA is an LDS group geared towards faith in the Savior Jesus Christ and helping improve campus life.


President: Christian Heugly

Advisor: Gypsie Everett

The Scream Team helps rally the students to come to games and instill pride on campus.

President: Stacy Graven

Advisor:Michaelann Nelson

Sigma Tau Delta provides professionalization opportunities for English majors and helps promote literacy arts on campus.


See the Events Calendar for all USU Eastern Events.

Start a Club

It's easy! Visit the EUSA clubs representative or EUSA advisor in the Office of Student Life (JLSC 207) for an application packet. All you need is an advisor, a contract, a constitution, and at least three members. After you get your paperwork together, make sure the completed documents get to the EUSA clubs representative or EUSA advisor so that your club can receive its official status. 

For more information on clubs you can contact the current EUSA Clubs Representative through email at

See the Club Council Handbook for details and club application form.