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FERPA and Student Records Privacy

What is FERPA?

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law that protects the privacy of education records for students at the university. To comply with this law, USU staff must have consent from the student to release any non-directory information from a student’s education record (including grades, tuition bills, housing status, and more).

Recognizing that many students wish to share this information with their parents and family members, the USU has developed a system that allows students to grant their parents or other family members access to education records. The student will need to set up anyone they wish to have access as a delegate in their MyUSU account and provide that person with their security phrase. Students can update these settings at any time by visiting

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Summary of email reminders:

Semester Welcome

  • Semester Academic Calendar
  • Semester Student Success Workshop Schedule
  • Updated Campus Resources Sheet

Last Day to Drop Reminder

  • Reminder of last day to drop without notation on transcript
  • Reminder of last day for refund
  • Reminder of last day to add
  • List of walk-in days/times for the deadline if advising help is needed

Last Day to Withdraw Reminder

  • Last day to withdraw reminder
  • Walk-in days/times for the deadline

Open Registration & Final Exam Schedule (depending on release dates for this, it could be combined with last day to withdraw reminder)

  • List dates for open registration
  • List of walk-in days/times for advising help during open registration (appointments are recommended instead of walk-ins for registration)
  • Final exam schedule