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Professional Bookkeeping Certificate

Professional Bookkeeping Certificate: CP

Department: USU Eastern
College: Utah State University

The Professional Bookkeeping Certificate of Proficiency is designed to help students prepare for national tests adminstered by the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB). Part of AIPB’s mission is to certify bookkeepers who meet national standards and help them receive recognition as bookkeepers and accounting professionals. Students who complete the certificate will be prepared to help a small business with business accounting, tax filing, general financial management and budget tracking.

The certificate of proficiency offers accelerated entrance to the job market and a short-term credential which students can build on to access more advanced jobs and higher wages. The certification will be especially important for businesses in regions of the state with a diverse tourism, travel and recreation industry.

Select degrees and programs are not available at all Utah State University locations. Please contact a Statewide Campuses advisor to verify program availability.

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