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Natural Resources Also available 100% Online

The master of natural resources is an interdisciplinary degree designed for working natural resource professionals. Students take courses from all departments within the College of Natural Resources. There are seven core areas in which students are required to take coursework: ecology, human dimensions, economics, policy, spatial technology, administration, and quantitative methods. The program was designed to give natural resource professionals the skills required to work as decision makers and managers in the natural resources. Their previous knowledge in a specific natural resources field is broadened by study in these other areas to help them understand the bigger picture of natural resources issues.

The Master of Natural Resources degree (MNR) is also available through short-courses approved for the program.

Differential Tuition

The S.J. & Jessie E. Quinney College of Natural Resources may charge differential tuition for this program. Differential tuition is an added cost per credit for courses in the program. See the last page in the USU Tuition & Fee schedule for more information.

Graduates gain a broad education in how to solve natural resource problems from multiple perspectives that prepares them for management and decision-making careers in natural resources fields.

Select degrees and programs are not available at all Utah State University locations. Please contact a Statewide Campuses advisor to verify program availability.

If you are intending to complete this program online outside the state of Utah, please review our state authorizations to see if this program is offered in your state.

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