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Blanding Arts and Events Center

Blanding Arts and Events Center
The Blanding Arts and Events Center is a unique facility in the heart of Southeastern Utah. Located in Blanding, Utah, the B.A.E.C. is a cooperative effort of Utah State University Blanding Campus, the City of Blanding, and The Edge of the Seaters Theater Company.

Created for the purpose of economical development through business and the arts it is the only facility of its kind in a 250 miles radius. Built upon the edge of Westwater Canyon on the campus of the USU Blanding Campus, this beautiful complex provides a picturesque setting for indoor and outdoor theater, small conference and convention meetings, trade shows, civic events, arts and craft fairs, wedding receptions, concerts, and business meetings.

The site is also home to The Edge of The Seaters Theater Company. This local community theater company in their sixteenth year provides a wide variety of theatrical performances and entertainment to the area.

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Hal Palmer

Hal Palmer

Auxilliaries & Services Enterprises Coordinator

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