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Crisis Manager App

Download and Installation Instructions

  1. Go to the App Store on your device and search for Crisis Manager or download the app below.
     Download: Google Play | Apple iTunes

  2. Open the app once it has downloaded.

  3. At the login screen click Continue without logging in.
    Crisis Manager App Screen Shot
  4. When the new screen appears click the plus sign (+) in the upper right corner of your device.

  5. When the next screen appears type Eastern in the Find Crisis Plan by Keyword box then click the search button.
    Crisis Manager Screen Shot
  6. After the app searches for and locates Eastern, a box will appear that says Utah State University Eastern. Click the box to load our app.

  7. A box will the ask for a password. Enter the password eagles and select Use Password to Download. When the plan has downloaded, select it to view our crisis plans.

SchoolDude Crisis Management App For Emergency School Situations
by Michael Fickes, End User Correspondent, US Edition

Application for smart phones that is used by the school to share emergency information and alerts to students and employees.

 Download: Google Play | Apple ITunes