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The mission of the USU Eastern's Chemistry department is to offer a general education in the study of chemistry and how it relates to everyday experience. The Chemistry Department will provide the introductory, general and organic chemistry courses necessary to build a solid foundation in the field of chemistry. 

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General students will be prepared to study additional areas in chemistry and related subjects, and our chemistry majors will be prepared for further study in any number of careers, including chemistry (academic or industrial careers), chemical engineering, forensic science, or other technology-based careers. Our chemistry program also offers students a solid foundation for further studies in medical or other health-related schools.

Chemistry is the study of matter and its changes. This includes everything in the universe from a simple hydrogen atom to very large replicating molecules in life processes. Chemistry is involved with the development of: medicines that control and cure diseases; food production through specific and safe agricultural chemicals; consumer products such as cleaners, plastics and clothing; new methods of energy production, transfer and storage; new materials for electronic components; and new methods for protection and cleanup of the environment. Chemistry majors are needed to help solve some of society's most difficult technological problems through research, development and teaching.


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