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Emergency Preparedness Resources

For Parents and Families

Be Ready Utah - Families, Businesses, Schools & Community Resources

“Make a Plan, Get a Kit, Be Informed, Get Involved.” Be Ready Utah is the state’s official emergency preparedness campaign managed by the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management (DEM). Personal and family preparedness is the key to survival in, and subsequent recovery from, emergencies and disasters. Increasing that preparedness statewide is our goal.

CDC: Caring for Children in a Disaster

Children are more vulnerable than adults in emergency situations. Take steps to protect your children.

Children & Disasters – a Resource for Parents and families

Children experience trauma and fear during a natural disaster.  If they know what to do during a disaster because they have practiced family disaster drills they will be better off. When parents are calm, children calm down more quickly.

Disaster Related Resources for Children and Families

Natural and manmade disasters can happen anywhere and at any time. Making sure you and your family are READY can make a big difference when disasters strike. As your child’s primary caretaker, confidant, and teacher, your support can have the biggest impact on how your child recovers and heals after disasters. Check out the fact sheets, guides, family tools, and activities for young children below that can help you and your entire family prepare, respond to, and recover from disasters.

Disaster Safety

Disasters often strike quickly and without warning. They are frightening for adults, and can be traumatic for children. Your family may have to leave home and change your daily routine. Be prepared to give your children guidance that will help reduce their fears.


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