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Your Money's Worth

At Utah State University Eastern, you'll earn a top-notch university education to start a fulfilling career. USU Eastern provides lower tuition for associate level and career and technical education coursework. 

Estimate Your Tuition

Take advantage of USU Eastern's low tuition rates to get a jump start on your higher education. Complete a certificate or associate's degree program at USU Eastern's lower tuition rates, then finish your education with a bachelor's, master's or even doctorate degree at the campus you have come to love.

Residency Calculator

Residents of Utah pay a different tuition rate than nonresidents. Generally speaking, if you have lived in Utah for the last 12 months and graduated from a Utah high school, you will be considered a resident for tuition purposes. It can get a bit more complicated than that so use our residency calculator. Please note, this tool is not an official way to determine residency. If you need something official, apply or contact us.

See if you qualify for residency  >>

Easily make payments and manage your account online.

TouchNet is a 24/7 service offered to students and their families for viewing bills, making payments and managing their student account.

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Academic Scholarships

This is the point where excellent grades and test scores help you save on tuition. A combination of your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores will determine your eligibility for admission and scholarships. View the index table to determine your scholarship. All students who apply to USU will automatically be considered for an Academic Scholarship.

Academic Scholarship Deadlines

Freshmen: July 1
Transfer Students: July 1


Resident Scholarship Index

Nonresident Tuition Index

ACT/SAT does not include the writing portion. Unweighted GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale. A GPA weighted above a 4.0 will be recalculated for admissions and scholarship purposes.

Transfer Academic Scholarships

You are automatically considered for these when you apply to USU. Scholarship GPA requirements listed below are for students with 24 or more post-high school credits. If you have 23 or fewer post-high school credits, please contact our office for help determining your scholarship eligibility.

  Amount Duration College GPA
Presidential 90% tuition 2 years 4.0
Dean's 80% tuition 2 years 3.8 - 3.99
Scholar 60% tuition 2 years 3.6 - 3.79
Merit 40% tuition 2 years 3.5 - 3.59
  Amount Duration College GPA
Presidential 90% tuition 2 years 4.0
Dean's 80% tuition 2 years 3.8 - 3.99
Waiver 60% tuition 1 year 3.6 - 3.79
Merit 40% tuition 1 year 3.3 - 3.59
100 Mile Radius 50% tuition 1 year 3.0 - 3.59
WUE Student pays 150% of resident tuition 3 years 3.2 - 3.59

All academic scholarships cover a percentage of tuition. Nonresidents are strongly encouraged to gain Utah Residency after their first year.
Students enrolled on WUE are not able to gain Utah Residency for tuition purposes.

More Scholarship Opportunities

The best way to pay for school is by not paying for school. Listed below are scholarships awarded from the USU Eastern Scholarship Office. Please select a scholarship and read the details to determine if you qualify.

After You Apply

Accept Your Scholarship

If you have received a scholarship offer, complete the acceptance form before the May 1st deadline or as indicated on your scholarship letter.

You will need your A# and password to login and accept your award. You must be accepted to USU and have received your A# before you can log in. If you have questions regarding your acceptance to USU, email

Appeal a Decision

Fill out the scholarship appeal form if you need to contest a scholarship decision.

Let Us Help

Contact your Scholarship Office |  Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Jessica Prettyman

Jessica Prettyman

Title: Institutional Advancement / Scholarships
Office: Reeves (RV) 175
Campus: Price
Phone: (435) 613-5256




Financial Aid Opportunities

In addition to scholarships, financial aid can help bridge the gap between your finances and what's needed to accomplish your academic goals.



Grants are forms of aid you do not have to repay. Applicants may receive grants based on financial aid. Grants are available through the federal and state governments. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment is not required.
  2. Funding levels may vary from year to year according to legislative appropriation.
  3. To meet tuition deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.



Federal loans allow students to their families to borrow money at low interest rates. Keep in mind:

  1. Repayment plus interest is required.
  2. To meet deadlines, file the FAFSA by the end of June.

Work Study

Federal Work Study

The Federal Work Study program provides funds for jobs for eligible students to help them pay for their education. Keep in mind:

  1. Students are offered the dollar amount that they can work to earn over the course of the academic year.
  2. Student Financial Aid refers students to jobs on or off campus.
  3. To be considered, answer "yes" to the work-study question and submit the FAFSA before the end of March.



To receive federal financial aid, you will need to complete the FAFSA before our published deadlines. What you will need in order to file:

  1. USU's FAFSA code: 003677.
  2. Your Social Security Number on your application for admission. If you've already applied and didn't include your SSN, you can report it to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. An FSA ID, which you can get through the FAFSA website.

Visit to complete the application.

Let Us Help

Contact your Financial Aid Office  |  One Stop Student Services  |  Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Danyan Powell

Danyan Powell

Title: Staff Assistant - Financial Aid
Office: One Stop Student Services
Campus: Price
Phone: (435) 613-5423