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Other Scholarship Opportunities

These scholarships are listed for information purposes only. We maintain this list as a courtesy. These scholarships are not offered by nor endorsed by USU or USU Eastern If you experience a problem or issue with any of these websites, please advise us, and we'll remove it from our list.

Be an internet skeptic! 
Never pay to apply for a scholarship. Never give your social security number or other private information that could jeopardize your security.

If your organization would like your scholarship included in this list please complete and submit the online form below.

Scholarship Posting Request

* Scholarship opportunities sent by email to USU Eastern personnel will not be posted. Scholarships are posted at the discretion of USU Eastern.

Scholarship Name Application Type For Amount Deadline(s)
1Media Studio essay   $500 12/31/19
12 Months Loans Bad Credit Scholarship essay, video, infographic   $500 01/31/20
Achievement Award Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Addiction Recovery Centre Scholarship application   $500 11/01/20
Aero Auto Glass Scholarship application   $1000 06/15/20
American Indian College Fund application       students registered as an enrolled member of a federal or state recognized tribe various various
Annual Aquarzon Research Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Antibodies Online University Scholarship abstract students majoring in life sciences or related fields $1000 07/20/20
Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program essay students must be interested technology, studying IT, computer sciences, space studies, digital communications, digital marketing, algorithms $1500 12/02/19
The Ashoori Law Good Deeds Scholarship essay students who have performed an act of kindness for another person (this can be a single act or a history of ongoing kindness)  $1000 12/01/19
ASMZINE Scholarship Program     $350 04/15/20
The Best Colleges - College Affordability for Minority Students various minority students - various opportunities various  various
Candere Scholarship essay   $350 12/31/19
Carmichael Law Scholarship video students interested in finance, law, business, pre-law, accounting $1000 08/15/20
ClashOfLights Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Comrade Digital Marketing Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19 - Study Abroad Scholarship essay   $1500 12/01/19
CryptoPotato Scholarship essay students enrolled in an economics or computer science course $1400 12/15/19
Digital Marketing Scholarship Offer essay   $1000 12/15/19
Digital Marketing Scholarship Program essay students interested in business $1000 12/15/19
Direct Loans Lenders Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Diversity Career Group Scholarship essay students interested in business $1000 12/31/19
Excel Capital Management Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Exponents Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Felony Friendly Jobs Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Fishing is Love Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
FreedomCare Scholarship essay   $500 06/18/20
Full Game PC Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Game Table Review Scholarship Competition essay   $1000 12/20/19
Gaming Guide Tips Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Global Water Crisis Solution Scholarship Campaign essay   $1500 01/10/20
Grow the Game Golf Scholarship essay students with preference given to those either pursuing golf-related careers, play competitively and/or are active in the golf community via education, charity or employment at a golf facility or in product development. $500 03/31/20
Guide4Homeowners Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Guthman Way article   $1000 12/20/19
Happy Valley Ventures essay   $2500 12/31/19
Healthy Beauty Me Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Heytutor Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Honey Lake Clinic Scholarship essay   $500 05/29/20
Impact on the Community Scholarship     $1000 06/30/20
Into the AM Gaming Scholarship essay   $1000 12/15/19
Jerome O. Fjeld Scholarship essay   $500 02/29/20
KiltZone Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
LGL Scholarship essay   $1000 03/31/20
The Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers Bi-annual Scholarship Fund essay   $1500 01/15/20
The Larson Law Office Scholarship essay   $1000 12/01/19
Lawyer Plug Criminal Justice Scholarship essay students enrolled in or eligible for full-time admission to a bachelor in Criminology or Criminal Justice $1200 12/31/19
Level Shack Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Link Pushing Scholarship essay   $500 12/01/19
Local Realty Service Scholarship application   $1500 02/17/20
Los Angeles DUI Attorney Diabetes Scholarship online application students who have been diagnosed with diabetes (any type) $1000 12/15/19
Lux Rehabs Scholarship email   $1000 03/31/20
Manuals Brain Scholarship application   $1000 06/15/20
The May Firm Bi-Annual Scholarship Fund essay   $1000 09/15/20
The Montana Advocates Scholarship essay   $1000 06/30/20
National Debt Relief Scholarship essay students interested in business $5000 12/31/19
Nigeria School Scholarship application   $1000 08/15/20
Old School Labs Scholarship essay students interested in business $1000 03/15/20
Pagalguy Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Pendini Miami Scholarship essay   $500 02/29/20
Pet Parents Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Points Promo Scholarship application   $1000 06/15/20
Project Hatch Scholarship application   $1000 06/15/20
Rentkidz Annual Scholarship essay   $750 12/10/19
Repair Advise Scholarship application   $1000 06/15/20
Rustica Scholarship essay   $2500 12/01/19
SDL Achievers Scholarship essay   $500 12/28/19
Schiffmann Injury Lawyers Scholarship essay   $1000 09/15/20
Smartphone Overuse Awareness Scholarship essay   $1000 12/15/19

Seoreseller Scholarship Program

essay   $1000 12/15/19

SpringWell Water Filtration Scholarship

essay   $1000 12/31/19

Stepstone Connect Scholarship

essay   $2500 07/01/20

Students Affected by Cancer Scholarship

essay students diagnosed with any type of cancer or who has a loved one who has $1000 12/31/19

SureWayDM Scholarship

essay female students majoring in a technology-related program $1200 12/31/19

Techrolet Scholarship

essay   $1000 12/31/19

Ted and Stacey's Scholarship for Brilliant Business Students

application   $1000 01/08/20

Toplecture College Scholarship

essay   $600 12/31/19

Toptenproductreview Internet Marketing Scholarship

essay   $2000 12/31/19
Tramatic Brain Injury Scholarship essay   $1000 12/15/19
Travel Safe Abroad Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Travis Watkins Oklahoma Tax Attorney Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
Upgraded Points Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
UrbanKenyans Scholarship essay   $1200 12/31/19
USA Scholarships - College Sports Scholarships various for students pursuing an education or career in sports (various scholarship opportunities) various various
The Utah Advocates Scholarship essay   $1000 06/30/20
Vegas Odds Scholarship essay   $1000 06/15/20
Velvetech Scholarship essay   $1000 12/31/19
VIP Puppies Scholarship essay   $500 12/31/19
Welding Pro Scholarship Competition essay students with a passion for welding and other hobbies $1000 12/20/19
Wisepowder Scholarship application   $1000 03/31/20
WPisLife Scholarship application   $1000 03/15/20
The Yancey Company Scholarship essay   $2000 08/01/20