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We've got the EAT part covered  

Dining and Campus Event Services is a team dedicated to providing quality food, excellent service and exceptional value while advancing the university mission and goals. At USU Eastern Dining and Campus Event Services, we don’t just make food. We create memorable experiences.

When you step into the USU Eastern dining room or attend a catered event, you’re immediately surrounded by an abundance of freshly-prepared, mouth-wateringly delicious foods and welcoming attentive service.

Our chefs use fresh ingredients to create delicious meals on site every day. We strive to offer a variety of healthy menu choices, more whole foods, fewer additives and preservatives, and increased awareness of what goes into each meal.

Weekly Dining Menus


Choose from a variety of meal plans and find the one that best fits your living arrangements and lifestyle.
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Aggie Express is a debit account used to pay services. Receive a 10% discount at participating dining locations when paying with Aggie Express.
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One of the ways we are able to provide the dining experience is by being the largest on-campus student employer. Working with student’s schedules to earn a few dollars, while attending classes, having a social life, sleeping and getting homework done. Flexible schedules and a meal with every 4-hour shift worked saves time and money while at school.

Join us for personal growth, socialization, and sustenance at USU Eastern’s Dining Services.
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In addition to on campus jobs, Dining and Campus Event Services offers a Pepsi Student Leadership Scholarship which works with our Kitchen Manager, Head Chef, and Event Services to develop leadership skills that can be used in any part of the food service industry. Learn from Industry Professionals the art of menu calculations, cooking skills, working with dietary restrictions, portion sizing, event planning, and more.

For more information and to apply visit Leadership Scholarships >>


Emily Bradley

Emily Bradley

Title: Director of Campus Events / Dining Services
Office: Jennifer Leavitt Student Center (JLSC) 101
Campus: Price
Phone: (435) 613-5628