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You can turn your love of language, literature, and writing into a profitable and rewarding career.
Complete a degree in English at Utah State University.

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With a degree in English you can become a grant writer for a non-profit organization, work as a technical writer for major corporations or the government, work in public relations and advertising, go into publishing and editing for magazines, newspapers, and publishing houses. You can share your love of language with others as a secondary teacher. A degree in English is also a springboard for a career as a lawyer, preacher, or professor. At Utah State University Eastern, we do more than simply equip you with the knowledge you need to move toward your career goal. We are also committed to discovering the full range of human experience, fostering critical thinking skills, and exploring what it means to be a thoughtful citizen of the 21st century. Not only will you be inspired to read and create written works of art, but you will also be inspired to look for ways that your work can positively change the world.

Our small class size allows you to work closely with faculty, but also fosters a community of individuals who value creativity, critical thinking, and engaging in conversations about writing and literature. Join us and major in English at Utah State University Eastern!

Top Ten Reasons to Major in English

Ky BurtonKy Burton
2019 English Student of the Year