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The Nighthawk Review

The Nighthawk Review is a literary journal dedicated to publishing the creative works of students at USU Eastern and representing the creativity and talent of the student body. All genres of creative writing are to be represented within these pages and all writers - so long as they are USU Eastern students - are invited and encouraged to submit work. All work is to be chosen from an editorial board of student editors, and while there will be faculty supervision, the content of the journal will be chosen by the student editors to ensure that this publication is created by the student population for the student population.

Any USU Eastern Student may submit work for publication in The Nighthawk Review. All genres of creative writing are accepted. Submit any questions to .

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Nighthawk Review

My Face
by Katie Kantaris

I look at my reflection
A pale face stares back
Peppered with blemishes
The glass starts to crack
So I put on my makeup
The process is long
But it fixes my face
I don't want to look "wrong"
I put on concealer, lipstick, and powder
With all of this makeup
I feel beautiful, prouder
But when I look in the mirror
My face makes me gasp
Yes I am beautiful
But my face is a mask
The face in the mirror
My reflection, My Face!
Is no longer there
It is gone, just erased
So I wipe off my makeup
In strokes one, two, and three
And happily my face
Comes back smiling at me