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EUSA Officers

Alexandria AndersonAlexandria Anderson
EUSA President 

David Hall
Administrative Assistant

Taycie Davis
Publicity Representative

Rilee Jones
Publicity Representative

Kamrie Simmons
Non-Traditional/Bachelor Degree Representative

Sydney HoSydney Ho
Executive Vice President 

Peyton Fausett
Clubs/Org Representative

Laura Eisert
Student Advocate

Inez Johnson
Diversity Representative

Hunter Porritt
Athletics Representative 

Paige MartinezPaige Martinez
VP of Activities

Gabrielle Sainsbury
Event Coordinator

Skyler Walser
Operations Manager 

Jaylee Cox
Operations Manager 

Kenlee East
Traditions/Alumni Representative

Objectives of EUSA Student Government

  • To be an organized structure so that students' voices can be represented to the university administration, faculty, staff, and the community.
  • To provide further opportunities for holistic development for students through social, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and spiritual activities.
  • To ensure student involvement in administrative and academic policymaking.
  • To ensure a voice in the allocation of student fees.
  • To ensure a voice in the approval of second tier tuition.
  • To develop and maintain a current Mission Statement that is in direct harmony with the Utah State University Eastern Mission Statement.

EUSA Constitution

EUSA By-Laws