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Internship Opportunities

Program Benefits

  • Provides the opportunity to apply classroom learning to practical problems on the job.
  • Allows students to work with professionals in the field they are preparing to enter.
  • Students in these programs are generally more committed to their academic fields.
  • Intern students are often exposed to advanced technology and equipment in a learning environment that is not available on campus.
  • Students learn the competitive nature of the job market and what is needed to prepare for the best career positions.
  • Students get the competitive edge in the new graduate job market.

Students in these programs may earn college credit for working in a job directly related to their field of study. Coop Ed/Experiential Learning and Internships can be full or part time, temporary or regular, paid or non-paid positions at or near the entry level in any given field.

The Internship Program provides a great way for students to integrate their educational experience with paid work experience as they explore various career opportunities early in their college careers.

  To schedule an appointment with the Internship Advisor call (435) 613-5440.

Zak Konakis

Zak Konakis

Title: Career and Technical Education Advisor
Office: One Stop Student Services (OSS)
Campus: Price
Phone: (435) 613-5214

What is an Internship? defines the word as:
"any official or formal program to provide practical experience for beginners in an occupation or profession."

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