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New Recruiter To Drive Enrollment Increases


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Keith Russell has recently been hired to spearhead Utah State University Eastern-Blanding’s recruiting efforts and increase enrollments. In his new position Russell will oversee recruiting involving nearly 55 high schools spread throughout Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.

“This is a critical position since recruiting is the life blood of our campus,” said Garth Wilson, USU Eastern-Blanding’s associate vice chancellor. “We offer students an incredibly unique combination of a local campus with personal, hands-on attention combined with access to, and the resources of, a larger like university like USU. We want to make sure potential students know they can take advantage of all we have to offer.”

Wilson says that Keith will play a crucial role in attracting students to USU Blanding, and that his experience working with middle and high school students will help him excel in his position as the “face of the campus” to prospective students.

Prior to being hired at USU, Keith was responsible for creating programming and academic goals with at-risk students at ARL Middle School and San Juan High School. While there, he mentored a large group of youth, lead group discussions, and taught valuable life skills. He also gave presentations on things like conflict management and becoming a leader.

Keith’s previous work teaching parents and students about the importance of higher education will carry on in his position at USU Eastern-Blanding.