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A Smog Free Education


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Enjoying the Eastern Landscape

We at USU Eastern in Price and Blanding are fortunate to live and study so close to such unique and breathtaking landscapes. We like to think it helps broaden our vision and clear our minds. Certainly, thinking large and more clearly are aspects of what higher education is meant to help us do.

Our clean air and broad vistas match the clear and expansive possibilities that each of our students bring with them when they come to learn at USU Eastern. It is an experience that makes a difference.

Why consider expanding your horizons at USU Eastern?

Because it’s personal. No getting lost in the crowd here. With its setting and diverse student body, it is unlike any other campus of higher education in the state of Utah.

In 2010, the College of Eastern Utah joined forces with Utah State University creating an enhanced institution that combined 200 years of educational experience. That is a venerable marriage. The new union now means that high school graduates have the ability to pursue higher education in a community college atmosphere with all of the benefits of a university, including earned credits and a transcript from Utah State University.

Students have direct access to Utah State after graduating from USU Eastern with no need for reapplication or transferring credits. USU Eastern degrees also transfer to any four-year university in the state.

USU Eastern offers students smaller class sizes with a more hands-on approach to higher education. They enjoy a more interactive experience than found on typical campuses while pursuing their degrees. They are a tight-knit group of students with plenty of opportunities for close social interaction and activities from among dozens of student clubs. The campus is also in the center of geological treasures and recreational opportunities: Nine-Mile Canyon, San Rafael Swell, Mountain Biking, Range Creek, Arches, Canyonlands, and world-class river rafting.

Although CEU merged with Utah State University, higher tuition rates were not adopted. Students who attend USU Eastern enjoy a low-cost tuition, nearly half the cost of most four-year universities. Also, USU Eastern continues to be open admission. This translates into major cash savings without sacrificing university credibility.

For information regarding admissions call us at (435) 613-5226.