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Expanded Orientation Program Comes to USU Eastern Campus


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Kristian Olsen speaking at SOAR

PRICE – Utah State University Eastern is hosting incoming freshmen and their parents for the first year of the Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) program in Price.

Hundreds of students will attend one of six sessions throughout the summer. Every incoming freshman for the fall 2016 is required to participate in SOAR to help prepare them for their first year of college.

Kristian Olsen, Director of Enrollment Services, said SOAR is a great way to help the students register and prepare for their life on campus.

“They can come in and get a bunch of stuff taken care of in one day such as their housing, they can talk to financial aid, they’ll get registered for their classes so they don’t have to call multiple people and multiple offices from home” says Olsen.

Mary Chell from Fredonia, Arizona made the 4-hour trip with her mom this past week to take part in SOAR. Out-of-state students are not required to come on campus for SOAR but can do the SOAR program online. Chell made the trip anyway and says the program has been very helpful in her final steps toward becoming a student at USU Eastern.

“It's been a lot of fun and it's been very educational, it's given me more information that I didn’t have when I came down in here in October,” says Chell.

For the parents who come with their children to SOAR, they receive extra time to find out more information and receive answers to their questions about their child’s education. Olsen also says SOAR is just as important to the parents as their students.

“It's really valuable to the parents as well because a lot of parents are funding their student’s education and because they are funding their student’s education they want to be involved in the education process and know how their student is doing,” said Olsen.

Kathy Chell, who came with her daughter Mary to SOAR, agrees about the value of the SOAR program and how it has prepared her for letting her first child go to school in Price.

“It's been very helpful to find out specifics such as financial stuff, education and the programs that they offer and how much they are concerned about first-year students being successful,” says Kathy.

Although in its first year at USU Eastern, SOAR has been a part of Utah State University Logan campus for many years. To register, or for more information, call 435-613-5200 or visit