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Student Arrested

Greg Dart


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USU Eastern

The Utah State University Eastern Police Department arrested USU student Tucker Anderson on charges of sexual battery, a Class A misdemeanor today. Anderson was the USU Eastern assistant cheer coach until he was fired Sept 14 when information contained in the charges came to light.

USU policy prohibits sexual misconduct, and the case has also been referred to USU’s Title IX coordinator. USU is cooperating fully with the Utah State University Eastern Police Department as they investigate the allegations. USU supports and encourages those who stand up and prevent or report sexual violence, and the university works with those who file a complaint to ensure their safety.

For students who have experienced sexual misconduct, USU offers Title IX services as well as confidential resources to help them heal and succeed in school. Please visit for more information.

The university provides a comprehensive program for all students to prevent sexual misconduct in its university communities. This includes a mandatory online sexual assault prevention course for all incoming undergraduate and graduate students. Students who fail to complete the online course are prohibited from registering for subsequent semesters.

Sexual misconduct — sexual assault, dating or domestic violence and stalking — challenges USU’s mission, threatening the futures and careers of more than just those who experience it. USU will remain vigilant in continually improving prevention efforts and respond appropriately when it occurs. The university encourages all members of the Aggie family to take an active role in maintaining the safety of the USU Eastern community and to stand up and intervene to prevent conduct that violates USU policy or the law.

Media Contact: Greg Dart, Spokesman Utah State University Eastern
(435) 820-0017