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In 2013, Utah State University-College of Eastern Utah officially shortened its name to Utah State University Eastern.

Utah State University has made a concerted effort to refer to its campuses with the university name followed by the city in which the campus resides. USU Eastern is now adopting this new reference standard to bring more clarity to the USU brand. The change to the USU Eastern logo clearly shifts the primary reference to “Utah State University” while acknowledging the “Eastern” brand.

The USU Eastern athletic distinctions, including the Eagle mascot, remain largely unchanged. When referring to USU Eastern, visually or verbally, care should be taken to emphasize the institution is first and foremost Utah State University. In the case of USU Eastern, the sub-brand “Eastern” provides an essential reference to the college’s unique “comprehensive regional college” mission while the city names distinguish Eastern campuses from each other.

This visual identity guide is an ancillary to the Utah State University Visual Identity Program. This is not a static document. The most current version will always be available under “Visual Identity Guide” on the USU Eastern website.

USU Eastern Visual Identity Guide

A visual identity program provides specific guidelines to help users correlate and integrate communications university-wide. This program will result in a strong and focused image that will elevate Utah State University's position, prominence and recognition. The USU Eastern visual identity guide is an ancillary to the Utah State University Visual Identity Program and provides guidelines for the use of USU Eastern logos, colors, typography and other identifying marks.

USU Eastern Visual Identity Guide

For information regarding the development and use of this guide
please contact:

Utah State University Public Relations & Marketing
(435) 797-1351

For USU Eastern logos and other design elements or for help creating and distributing marketing materials
please contact:

David Mathis
Marketing Manager
(435) 613-5425

Message from the Chancellor

Chancellor Joe PetersonThis guide has been created to help us visually portray our university in a consistent and cohesive manner. We, the employees of the college, significantly influence how our identity emerges and grows. I urge you to take a few minutes to make yourself familiar with the contents of this guide. Please turn to it often. Only by working together will we succeed in communicating with one, clear voice.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Joe Peterson
Chancellor, USU Eastern