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Center for Workforce Development

The overall mission of the Center for Workforce Development is to prepare students to be successful in their careers and as community leaders. We offer a vast number of courses & programs and use educational processes which include formal and informal instruction, first-hand learning, leadership, and personal development at a secondary, post-secondary and community based level.

The Center for Workforce Development supports several key workforce development programs such as a Skills Learning Lab, Internship Opportunities, Mining Education and the Small Business Development Center.

Center for Workforce Development

420 North 300 East
Price,Utah 84501

Aggie Center for Enrichment
Internship Opportunities

Small Business Development Center

Mining Education

Career and Technical Education Advising

The Center for Workforce Development provides students academic and professional skills, along with the knowledge and training necessary to succeed in technical and industrial careers. Our advisors are available to assist with admissions, course scheduling and program completion.

  To schedule an appointment with a Career and Technical Education Advisor call (435) 613-5440 or book online with your advisor below.